Shipping to the United States of America from September 2023

Terms of service

Required payment other than product

Package fee

This fee covers the handling fee, safe packaging materials, postage, fuel surcharge, and emergency surcharge

About importing fees
In certain countries, taxes are charged on imported goods. About the current rates of customs duties in the destination country please contact the local authority. The Customs duties do not belong to our competence. As the importer, the recipient of the shipment has the responsibility to take care of all clearance procedures and applicable import charges. These charges are not made to our store but are charged by and fully belong to the government of the receiving country.

Product Delivery Time

Your shipment will be dispatched within 5 business days. If there is a delay due to a sudden stock shortage, we will inform you by e-mail. After posting, the delivery time varies by country and delivery service.

Return and Exchange

If you would like to request a refund or a replacement, please contact us within 14 days after the arrival of the product. We can comply with your request if

  • the wrong product has been shipped,
  • a defective product has been shipped,
  • the product got damaged during shipping (please always check the outward appearance of the package before opening it and take pictures if you see any damage).

General purchase terms of service


The following General Terms and Conditions of Purchase apply to the website and they qualify as the general contract terms and conditions.
Our company reserves the right to modify the provisions of the GTC. Therefore, we kindly ask you to read the terms and conditions on the website before you make your purchase. In the event of any amendment to the GTC, the terms and conditions effective on the day you place your order will apply.

Extra charges you need or might need to pay

Package Fee

The sales prices of our products listed on the website do not include the shipping or customs fees. Handling costs (packaging and preparation of package), postage (official prices charged by delivery services), and fuel and emergency surcharges (also charged by delivery services) are calculated based on the receiving country, the chosen delivery service, and the measurements of the package. These expenses are to be paid by the customer.
Customers are notified about related fees in all cases before the contract comes into force. The final compensation has to be paid in advance for the delivery of the products. Please note that the Package fee is calculated based on the gross weight of the full package which is made up of the gross weight of the ordered items and the packaging.

 Customs Duties

Please note that customs duties do not belong to our competence and the Package fee does not include customs fees. Duties may have to be paid on receipt of the parcel. These fees are charged by the receiving country and we have no control over them. Please learn about your country’s import rules before ordering.


We package orders with the utmost care and attention.
Our extensive experience guarantees that the products you order will be delivered without any damage. On the rare occasion that a product does get damaged while shipping, we take responsibility and either replace the damaged item or issue a refund.

Shipping details

 Delivery time has three main sections:

  1. Process time
    Depending on our inventory, packages are shipped within 5 business days after we received your payment.
  2. Transit time
    Delivery time after dispatching depends on the destination and the chosen delivery service.
    Some seasons are busier for the delivery services, causing delays in the delivery. E.g., in countries where Christmas is celebrated, the delivery may take significantly longer before and during this holiday season.
    Please take into account that our partners do not operate on weekends and Japanese National Holidays, thus we are not able to dispatch packages on these days.
  3. Customs Process Time
    Your package may be subject to customs procedures in certain countries. This may slow down the final delivery and may incur some extra charges. Customs proceedings are beyond our control and we cannot be held liable for what happens to your package once it reaches the country of destination. For more information, please contact your local authorities or the local office of the carrier company you have chosen.

 Responsibility for the package

All our packages are sent as FOB (Free on Board), which is a term in international commercial law meaning that as soon as the shipment of goods leaves our warehouse, we record the sale as complete. You own the products en route as a buyer and you assume responsibility for completing the customs clearance and for managing the final delivery. That also means that if the package is lost or damaged in transit, you must file any claims for reimbursement.

Refund and replacement

If you need a refund or replacement, please contact us within 14 days from the date the product was delivered to you.

We can fulfill your request for a refund or replacement if

  • the item shipped does not match the item ordered
  • the item shipped is defective
  • the item shipped is damaged.

Other personal or subjective reasons are not acceptable.

Please check your package for any damage upon delivery.
If there is any visible damage on the outside of the package, take a photo of it before opening it. If the items inside are intact, there is nothing else to do. But if you notice damage, take photos of that too, and send them to us. Once we have the evidence of the damage, we either issue a refund or send you a replacement. Should you have any complaints, please use the Contuct Us menu on our website.
In your package, you will find a checklist and handling instructions. We are packing your order with the utmost care, but mistakes happen. Please take the time to check whether the checklist and the items you received match.

We do not accept a complaint after 14 days from the date of the delivery.
We are not able to refund perishable goods or items that were already used.

Warranties and guarantees

We offer a warranty and guarantee for our products as required by law.
Please be informed that under the laws currently in force your purchase of our products qualifies as a consumer contractual agreement.

The item we have in stock might not be the same piece shown in the photos on the website.

Handmade products are unique and slightly different from each other. If you are particular about either the size, the capacity, or the appearance, contact us, and we will share photos or the exact details of our available pieces in stock.