Shipping to the United States of America from September 2023

Refund policy

If you need a refund or replacement, please contact us within 14 days from the date the product was delivered to you. We can fulfill your request for a refund or replacement if

• the item shipped does not match the item ordered
• the item shipped is defective
• the item shipped is damaged.Other personal or subjective reasons are not acceptable.

If there is any visible damage on the outside of the package upon delivery, please take a photo of it before opening it. If the items inside are intact, there is nothing else to do. But if you notice damage, take photos of that too, and send them to us. Once we have the evidence of the damage, we either issue a refund or send you a replacement. Should you have any complaints, please use the Contact Us menu on our website.

The package includes a list of purchased items. While we take great care in packaging, mistakes can still occur. Please check the list and ensure that the received items match it.

We do not accept a complaint after 14 days from the date of the delivery.
We are not able to refund perishable goods or items that were already used.